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Success Stories

Unlike other job boards, Seekr actually wants to help you with your CV and profile which was helpful and assuring. I didn't get any unwanted phone calls from recruiters or people trying to use my information. Within 2 weeks of being registered, I was selected for an interview with a respected government authority and hopefully will be hired soon

- Mohammed

IT Delivery Manager

Through the introduction of my friend, I wasn't aware there was a Emirati job platform. It was nice to know that someone is looking out for us. I found the system to be very easy to use and I am pleased to say I found a new position which i will be starting in 2021.

- Ali A.

IT Professional

I have been looking at finding a new job for a while now but often feel reluctant to add my personal details to a random job website as I don't want my current employer to see I am looking to leave. I was very pleased with the way Seekr handled my requirements and the advice they provided on my CV. Since being on their database, I have been offered two exciting roles that match my goals

- Lamis

Job Seeker